All of our products have a 12-month warranty unless otherwise indicated at the time of sale

  • This includes new and reconditioned Carburetors (includes Factory Exchange Carburetors)
  • This warranty covers any manufacturing defects on products that we produce or repair.
  • Defects that include faults with electronics such as solenoids etc not working, moving components of the carburetor such as throttle shafts and choke components are not covered unless we completed the installation.


Warranty is void when the product has been:

  • Modified since our sale or rebuild.
  • Subjected to adverse conditions such as: misuse - neglect - accident - improper installation or adjustment - dirt - water - rust.
  • Corrosion or other contaminants - faulty repair or tuning.
  • In the event of an alleged defect, our responsibility is strictly limited to repair or replace the defective product. CarbGuy will have the sole discretion for final warranty determination.
  • Please contact us as soon as possible so we can try and resolve the problem as customer satisfaction is our priority.


Carb Guy shall not be responsible for the following:

  • External labour charges (third party mechanics)
  • Freight or transportation (towing charges)
  • Other Incidental Charges (taxi Fares, rental Cars, hotel Charges etc)
  • Consequential or other damages incurred by use of any of our products.


NOTE: Under no circumstances will Carb Guy make reimbursements to any applicable charges as mentioned above.

Products returned to us are to have freight pre-paid. We will return the product using the fastest method possible, we ship Fedex Ground or Canada Post with a signature option.

The warranty applies to the original customer only, and is non-transferrable.

A note on warranty: problems do occur. Carb Guy strives to resolve issues as quickly as possible. Most issues can be solved with a simple phone call and quick inspection.


Please note that rebuilding your carb is only part of the job. Your carb will leave our shop in restored working condition "but" if you do not install it correctly with new gaskets and ensure you are running clean fuel, have no dirt in your tank etc.  We cannot accept any responsibility for future problems created by yourself or anyone working on the vehicle for you.